Ralph Kalal

Automobiles have always been Ralph Kalal’s passion. His first real job in the summer of 1969 was the “new car lot boy’’ for the local Chevrolet dealer – a dealer that also sold the Yenko line. That job gave him the keys, albeit only as temporary custodian, to COPO Camaros, Z-28’s, and SS 396s – cars that now routinely fetch six figures at auction. He graduated from law school so that he could afford Corvettes - he's now on his fifth, a C7 convertible - and ultimately wrote the book “Car Care for Car Guys,” a how-to guide to auto repairs for enthusiasts. He serves as editor of the "Carhart Chronicle, the quarterly publication of the Wisconsin Society of Automotive Historians. For the past decade, he has been employed in the online aftermarket automobile parts industry.